The Infatuation Reviews Mister Tuna

Interesting restaurant name and theme tactics have been a thing for as long as we can remember. A weird backstory, off-the-wall design scheme, or cryptic name having nothing to do with the food is fun. We get it. For example, who doesn’t want to eat farm-to-table fusion fare in a converted turn of the century mortuary? But even when checking out a relatively mysterious place for the first time, we still usually know what we’re getting into – except in the case of Mister Tuna.

We had heard no real details, and only a few facts:

  • The menu and space pays homage to Hawaiian food culture
  • There’s a pickle bar
  • There’s a giant mural depicting the Chef’s mom
  • There are pictures of a pet parrot named Mister Tuna

Jarod Ballentine of The Infatuation recently paid a visit to Chef Troy Guard’s newest venture – Mister Tuna.  Click here to read the full story.

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