Where to Get Popular Poke Bowls (Eater)

Where to Get Popular Poke Bowls

Once the exclusive cuisine associated with puka-shell-clad surfer dudes, poke, the Hawaiian staple of chopped, seasoned raw fish, can now be found at a wide array of restaurants on the mainland, and even in our landlocked state.

Perhaps this is a result of a new health fad or the fact that Polynesian cuisine has attempted to move away from stereotypical spam and pineapples. On the island chain, poke is extremely accessible, fresh out of backyard bays, and easy enough to pack up for a picnic on the beach. It’s served casually at markets and gas stations, surf shacks and five-star dining destinations alike.

As the fresh fish dish has made its way onto dry land, modern varieties are being served with special sauces, fresh veggies, atop bowls of rice or grains and beautifully plated at upscale restaurants. Though we’re hundreds of miles from the nearest shore, take advantage of this delicious, nutritious trend at these twelve Denver restaurants.

5 Mister Tuna

This 3,500-square-foot, glamorously gritty, black and gold space sits on the bustling Brighton Boulevard has the Charlie Guard ahi poke under the appetizers list. It comes with avocado, seaweed and chili pepper soy dressing.

Adam Larkey
3033 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 831-8862

and our sister restaurant BUBU made the list, too!

7 bubu

One of many chef Troy Guard creations scattered around town, this Asian-infusion concept with a location on Larimer Square and another upcoming one in Downtown, features health-forward spins on build-your-own bowls. Protein selections – such as raw tuna – are finished with a choice of locally sourced veggies.

Andra Zeppelin
1423 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 996-2685


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